Bowe Organics – Lash Oil – First Impressions – PR

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An organic lash oil to promote healthy lashes and promote growth!

I received this product complimentary in return for my honest opinions – so here it is!


This is a natural lash oil, which over a couple of weeks should help thicken and hydrate your lashes. It’s simple to use, all you do is apply a drop or two to your fingertips and gentle massage into the eyelashes from the base to tip – ensuring you don’t get it in your eyes. It’s recommended to use before bed so that you wake up to beautifully hydrated lashes in the morning!

Its made from a selection of natural organic essential oils such as Jojoba oil, which helps with hydration and has a high content of vitamin A, D and E, and Rose Hip oil, which is rich in Omega 6 fatty acid. These oils work together to hydrate lashes to make them look and feel beautiful!

My first impressions of the product is that the packaging has a very premium feel, the matte black is gorgeous. The bottle comes with a pipette top so its easy to apply the drops to your fingers. The oil smells lovely, a classic aromatherapy feel, its not strong and doesn’t make your eyes water. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t make your lashes feel weighty or oily!

As it takes a few weeks to work, I will be using it daily before bed before leaving my review – so keep your peepers out for my full review! In the meantime, you can find more information on this product on their website here; Bowe Organics.

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