Bowe Organics – Lash Oil– Review – PR

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An organic lash oil to promote healthy lashes and promote growth!

I received this product complimentary in return for my honest opinions – so here it is! You can find my first impressions blog of this lash oil here!

As you saw in my previous, first impressions post, I received this organic lash oil to help promote healthy and luscious lashes. I’ve now used this oil for over a month so here is my full, in-depth, honest review.

I applied this lash oil before bed, as stated in the instructions, by applying to my finger tips and gentle rubbing it on my eyelashes. I found that this oil was very useful in getting rid of adhesive glue from my false eyelashes that was stuck to my natural lashes. It also helped remove stubborn waterproof mascara.

After I used a few drops to deeply cleanse my eyelashes, I then reapplied some to leave on whilst I slept. In the morning I woke up and notice no extra greasiness or oiliness around my eyes – which is always a worry with oil based products. This oil was very nourishing, and I noticed that in the mornings that my eyelashes looked longer and healthier – which may be due to the oil removing all the makeup related leftovers leaving behind fresh, clean lashes.

I did notice that my lashes didn’t tend to get pulled out so much when using falsies or mascara. I had a month of less lash shedding which was a pleasant change. I also notice I wasn’t wearing my heavy mascara so often, and rather using a less va va voom, subtler mascara.

Overall, if you’re looking for some lash friendly cleanser to power through your latex and mascara leftovers, or want to prevent eyelash shedding – give this a go. I now use this as a lash cleanser along with a clean mascara brush to help run it through – I’ve also used it on some of my premium false lashes to help remove leftover glue!

Bottom Line: A lovely, all natural eyelash oil that is a brilliant cleanser and can reduce eyelash shedding.

Price: £19.99 at Bowe Organics.

Rating: ****

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