SmileLab – Flash Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips- PR


A perfect strip for teeth whitening in a flash!!

I received these teeth strips complimentary from Smile Lab, for me to review for you lovely people! I have now had this for a month and here are my honest thoughts on this product;

I received these whitening strips at the same time as the whitening toothpaste, and was eager to give them a go. I’ve only used a few whitening strips beforehand, but these offered results in a flash – hence the name.

These aren’t a daily treatment, SmileLab do have a daily treatment strip, but these strips are more of an occasion treatment – meaning they’re perfect for nights out or special event where you wish to whiten your teeth quickly whilst getting ready and have them sparkly white.


I was very impressed with the packaging – it was a sleek, sturdy box and inside contained the strips along with a cute pink metal carry case to keep some strips in for on the go application or whilst travelling.

I found the instructions incredible easy to follow. The strips come in two sizes, a longer one for your upper teeth, and a shorter one for your bottom teeth – so you can make sure you’re putting them on the correct way around! You line the strips up and they have an overlapping tab which you push over your teeth towards the back – this helps stick the strips to your teeth as well as whiten the edges and backs. The gel is minty in flavour, and is rather thick. The strips are clear, so you can see when they’re in contact with your teeth to ensure you’re not missing any areas – but don’t worry it’s so easy to press down to create contact if you did miss a bit on application.


Once you’ve had the strips on for 15 minutes, you remove the strips and then brush off the excess gel to reveal your shiny new bright smile – I immediately noticed a difference, a lot more so than with the toothpaste, in just a single application. I used this Christmas morning and New Year Eve to brighten my smile and had compliments from my family and friends who were visiting.

Bottom Line: A perfect remedy for quick teeth whitening, especially on the go or for special occasions.

Price: £32.00 for 10 strips at Boots

Rating: *****

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