Vanity Tidy – Sainsbury’s Home – Grey and Diamond Desk Tidy


A large vanity tidy with a deep drawer to hold all of your makeup needs!

I stumbled upon this “Letter Rack” in Sainsbury’s and thought it was a perfect addition to my vanity table as it stores a lot and looks super cute!

This letter rack has two large spaces, which is perfect for palettes of any size and tall foundation bottles as well as a deep drawer for other items such as lipsticks and moisturisers. I think its so cute that it has three clear diamond handles on the drawer which are so chic and on trend.


I’m able to store my three Anastasia Beverley Hills eye shadow palettes in the back in one stack as both of the standing spaces are 6cm in depth making it a biggy! I can also store my entire Glow Kit collection in one stack in the front row, and you know how many of those palettes I have! The drawer is 6.5cm deep, 12cm wide, and 30cm in length – which you can easily add separators in to customise the drawer into how you want it.

The letter rack comes painted in a light neutral grey which adds a bit of calm to the room – or if that’s not your cup of tea, it is easy to undo the three handles and give it a lick of paint to match your colour scheme!

Bottom Line: Absolutely in love with this rack tidy, as I’ve been able to fit all of my palettes in this!

Price: £16 at Sainsbury’sLink takes you to one that has 3 individual drawers instead of one big one, check in your local store!

Rating: *****

One thought on “Vanity Tidy – Sainsbury’s Home – Grey and Diamond Desk Tidy

  1. Merkitty says:

    It’s really cute! I think I’d want to use it for letter writing stuff (she says, though she never actually writes letters anymore.. but it would look adorable!)


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