Spectrum Collections – Holy Grail Marbleous – 35PC Set – Rose Gold


My 12pc set just got a major upgrade!

I first bought Spectrum Collection’s brushes last year, and you can find my review of them here, which has opened my eyes to how unbelievably good value these brushes are!

I was so pumped to see a sneak preview of a 35 piece brush set in this gorgeous rose gold and white finish, I just knew I needed these in my life! I was extremely lucky when my boyfriend decided to treat me to them. ❤

These brushes have show how the Spectrum ladies have spent their time honing their vegan brush making skills to create a fabulous set. There are numerous differences between my original 12 piece and these ones – for a start they’re softer, and less chunkier making them easy to use and hold. They’re not as weighty allowing the ultimate precision in use!

The colour fade on the bristles are to die for, and these are the most beautiful brushes I have ever seen. If you’re not that keen on the colour scheme, I do implore you to check out their other sets – they have mermaid themed brushes, siren themed brushes and beautiful colourful sets to suit everyone’s makeup aesthetic. Plus they’re vegan and cruelty free!

This brush set is the ultimate kit of all their application, blending, contouring and duo fibre brushes meaning you’ve now essentially for a brush for every different use!

Bottom Line:  Extremely soft, beautifully finished brushes which make applying makeup easier with a flawless finish!!

Price: £149.99 at Spectrum Collections (Use this link for 15% off your order!)

Rating: *****




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