Ramer Sponges – Ultra Soft Sponges

FullSizeRender (11)

A super soft sponge for babies, and your skincare routine!

I decided to buy some ‘Baby Soft’ sponges for taking off my dried mud masks as I felt using a flannel was sometimes too dry and I’d end up scratching and making my skin red taking them off. I decided to try these Ramer sponges, as they’re recommended for babies – so I thought “hey, they must be soft!”.

These are so unbelievably soft – they hold a nice amount of water to get the product off, without drenching myself in the process, and they’re easy to clean. These sponges dry to be rock hard, so its handy for travelling and storage. When they’re submerged in warm water again, they spring to life and become super soft again!

Bottom Line:  This has made taking my masks off easier, and left my skin clean and not irritated!

Price: £2.09 at Boots.com (Their own brand but just as good!)

Rating: ***** 

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