SmileLab – Advanced Whitening Toothpaste – PR


A pink toothpaste, that makes every breath fresh and teeth pearly white!

I received this toothpaste complimentary from Smile Lab, for me to review for you lovely people! I have now had this for a month and here are my honest thoughts on this product;

This toothpaste is adorable for a start, its pink! Yes, pink! I’m a sucker for anything pink so I was excited to try it – I know, excited for toothpaste… It tastes very minty which was lovely as its not burn your tongue minty, just enough you’re left feeling fresh and ready for the day. The pink does dye your tongue a very bright shade of pink though!

I didn’t notice the difference in teeth whitening from the get go, but after a week it was noticeable and my friends commented that my smile looked brighter and whiter – this in turn made me feel more confident. I first noticed that it was working when I was taking Instagram photos and saw the contrast between my teeth and my lipsticks.

This toothpaste does not contain any hard, abrasive chemicals that would damage your enamel to get it whiter, this is a SLS free formulae designed to make your teeth sparkle every day. I have used other brands of teeth whitening toothpastes and this is the first one I’ve seen an actual shade change without feeling any sensitivity in my teeth.

I used this everyday for the first two weeks, just to get it to the shade of white that I want and now I use it instead of my usual toothpaste before bed to keep away daily stains from my food and drink. This one tube has lasted me the entire month, and there is enough for another month left, giving it more value for money as I was worried that it would be a hefty £12 purchase every month to use.

Bottom Line: A cute pink toothpaste that will give you noticeably white teeth in as little as two weeks!

Price: £12.00 at Boots

Rating: *****

2 thoughts on “SmileLab – Advanced Whitening Toothpaste – PR

  1. Brittney Ross says:

    A pink toothpaste that whitens, how cute! I’m always worried about whitening toothpastes because they always seem to bother my teeth (they seem so strong) but this sounds like a good one! Thanks for sharing! xo


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