Guest Spot – CurlYourMood – Giuseppe Zanotti is a must!

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Please give Francesca from the beauty and lifestyle blog, Curl Your Mood, a warm RosemaryHelenXO welcome!




Francesca is a fellow Bournemouth blogger, and offers her unique take on the subject, along with sharing her Italian roots and impeccable style.

You can keep up to date with Francesca by following her adventures on Instagram, CurlYourMood! 

Enjoy her post below!

The Italian Shoe impresario for the last four decades, has been shaping global footwear trends from his design room and factory in the quaint Adriatic coastal town of San Mauro Pascoli, In Italy.

Ophelia Retro

He started with nine employees, now he has 700. Today he is the music industry’s go-to-collaborator, and  much of his professional life has been spent passing through the world’s premier fashion houses.

He  has designed show kicks for Rihanna, Janet Jackson and Beyoncé, worked in Michael Jackson‘s last tour and has teamed up with Kanye West. Most recently Zayn Malik and Jennifer Lopez on highly anticipated capsule collection.

“Fashion is not just an exercise. It is pure wild energy, like music.” – G. Zanotti

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