Guest Spot

Hi guys,

As you know, I am a big believer of “Community over Competition” and have recently been direct messaged a lot for blogging help along with “Shoutout 4 Shoutout?” on Instagram, but I’d like to offer you bloggers who work so hard something better – a guest spot on my blog which auto-publishes to all of my social networks! I have luckily amassed quite a following from my Beauty and Lifestyle blogging – so if you’re in that niche too – send me an email with an idea for a blog post!

To make it easier for you guys, and a bit less daunting here’s a template of what to include in the post;

Blog Name:
Areas of Interest:
Social Media Handles:

Blog Post ~ 200 words. Can be a review, tutorial, tips, whatever you like!

YOUR POST WILL NOT BE EDITED – THIS IS TO SHOW MY READERS YOUR UNIQUE WRITING STYLE! If they dig you they can easily follow you on your own sites!

If you’re interested, send an email to with the above filled in and “Guest Spot” in the subject! I will then email back if I will be featuring you, along with the time and date your post will be going live on my blog!

Keep blogging, I know its hard sometimes but keep at it! ❤


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