RHXO Tips – Smart Ways To Fund Your Hauls!

If loving beauty products is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Although sometimes my bank account does complain especially when there is a new launch or a much-coveted pre-order that I just have to have.  The good news is there are ways to fund your next buys that don’t mean you have to empty your savings account. Read on to find out what they are. 

Sign Up to Cashback Sites

I save a lot on my hauls – when I buy my hauls!

I’m part of TopCashback where I can get % back on every online purchase I make via that app, which is easy as you just click the retailers link and it send you straight to their website.

Then you just add your items to your cart as usual and check out. Simple!

Within 24hrs your transaction is on your TopCashback account with the amount of cash you will get back.

There is usually a 6-8 week wait till your balance is payable, but its like a little savings account that you can transfer into your PayPal account for your next purchases!

You can get a bonus £10 to your account when you sign up with my referral link here.

Selling Old Palettes and No Longer Worn Clothing 

One of the most sensible ways to fund your next beauty or homeware purchase is to sell items you have in your collection that you are no longer using.

One way to do this is by selling things like un-used palettes, or no longer worn clothing on Depop and sites like them.

Also by doing this, you will be giving many people the chance to own something that may have been a limited edition or sold out so quickly that they couldn’t get one in the original release.  

But also do not forget to package them carefully as well so that you can keep your profile at 5*s and have return buyers due to how carefully and well you package their new items!

This is a good way to reduce waste to landfill and allow others to enjoy your items once you’re done with them!

Investing – but be sensible!

Ok, now this suggestion might seem like it’s coming out of the left field but bare with me. Lots of people from all walks of life invest now and see their money grow, and I decided to dabble during the pandemic.

It’s so much easier to invest now too because instead of it being the bastion of traders, you can use online platforms to control your trades and accounts – I personally use Trading 212 as they have a practice mode.
Which I highly recommend using for 2-4 months BEFORE you start using your own money so you understand how it all works!

Of course, before you invest any of your hard-earned money or beauty budget you will need to know about the types of assets you can choose. One of these is Forex which involves trading international currencies and can be a very profitable option.

I started off investing on Beauty and Clothing Brands stocks of who I was already a fan of – and could predict if their stocks would go up from their upcoming releases!

You can use this link to sign up to Trading 212 for a free share to start you off!

Affiliate Websites 

Another great option that can help you generate some cash for your next must-buy hyaluronic serum, or fluffy sweater, is working as an affiliate website. Affiliate websites provide reviews and information on specific products as well as links to the sites where these products can be bought. When a customer buys a product using your link you earn a small commission. 

As an affiliate, you will need to have the skills to write about products in an informative and interesting way, because to encourage people to buy through your site you will need to educate them on the product. 

As you can see on my pages – I use affiliate links – but also have a permanent disclaimer to keep transparency between my readers and myself that I do earn via their use!

The great thing about being an affiliate website is that you don’t have to have any stock of products yourself to make money. You can also build up a decent income over time by using SEO tactics as the more people use your link the higher your earnings will be. 

Become a Brandbassador

I am an ambassador for a few brands where I earn cash by doing their missions on my Brandbassador app, as well as on their individual websites! You can sign up to Brandbassador with my exclusive invite here.

You can find my in depth review of Brandbassador here!

I hope that you have found these few ideas to give you some inspiration on how you can fund your purchases going forward!


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