RHXO Tips – How to Practice More Self-Care

Self-care is a combination of things, from looking after your mind and body to taking time out and enjoying life.

 You must practice self-care in order to recharge and destress. So, to help you out, here are a few ways you can practice more self-care.

Your Diet

Eating healthily, or at least improving your diet, is not all about going without all the things you love to eat. It is about making more healthy decisions over bad decisions. If you try to go cold turkey, then you will hate losing weight through diet. You need to start making small changes and build up over time.

For example, stop snacking on chocolate all the time, and see chocolate or cake as a treat that you have every now and again. Swap sodas for more healthy alternatives. Why not start home cooking more? Home cooking is the healthiest way to eat, and it can be a lot of fun too. Make better choices in the supermarket, buy more fruit and vegetables and fewer bad sugary, fatty and salty things.

Over time, as healthier habits become more a part of your lifestyle, the easier it will be to capitalize on this and make healthier and healthier decisions. Still enjoy that cake, but ensure it is once a week, whatever world for you.


It’s common knowledge that exercise is healthy for us, but it goes far beyond the obvious. Yes, it helps you lose weight and look better, but it also has a wide range of other benefits. These include making your skin glow and improving the health of your bodily organs, including your brain.

You will feel happier and have fewer low moments. It increases your bone density and makes them less brittle; toxins are removed from your body more easily, and it means you can relax a little more because cortisol, the stress hormone, is purged from the body during exercise. 


If you are not getting enough sleep every day, and this habit becomes entrenched, then you are going to start suffering the ill effects of it.

Sleep deprivation can affect you in so many ways, from causing memory problems and neurological problems to helping contribute towards type 2 diabetes and obesity. One of the worse things is the feeling of fatigue and the accompanying dirty feeling you get from lack of sleep.

If lack of sleep is a problem for you, then you may need to take a multipronged approach to fix it, from decluttering the bedroom, changing the bed and bedding, changing your lifestyle such as stopping drinking coffee and tea too late, and going to bed earlier. If you have a real sleep issue, then you should see a doctor if you haven’t already. It is amazing how much better you would feel if you could get some real sleep.  

Practice Gratitude

If you are someone who focuses on the negative aspects of life, then you may benefit from gratitude.

Gratitude is a way of training your brain to focus on the more positive aspects of your life and the world around you. If you have never done anything like this before, then you can start by waking up in the morning and thinking about three things that you are happy about in your life. Any three things will do. What matter is that they help you generate a positive emotion. The more you do it, the longer you will be able to sustain his positive feeling. 

Enjoy Your Vices

Everyone has something that they like that perhaps they shouldn’t. Some people may feel you should completely give these up, but life is meant to be enjoyed. So, treat these things are special and only do them occasionally.

Enjoy a glass of wine or two once a week or enjoy Delta 8 THC Vape Carts every now and again. Even have a slice of chocolate cake. As long as these things are not everyday occurrences, you are enjoying them as a well deserved treat.

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