Lush – Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub


Why does this beauty have to be a Christmas exclusive?! It’s so unbelievably good!

With all of Lush’s lip scrubs, they are so devilishly tasty, and this Sugar Plum Fairy is no exception! This lip scrub is the most prettiest shade of purple, and has a lovely fruity/berry taste. It’s quite hard to use as I keep on trying to lick it off my lips- like a devilish doughnut.

It’s perfect for using before a matte/liquid lipstick as it scrubs away all your dead skin and conditions and hydrates your lips all in one -allowing a flawless application of the lipstick. It’s made up of sugar and salt – allowing natural and soft exfoliation. It isn’t harsh, and I even used it on my cut lip and it didn’t hurt or make it worse – it’s very gentle!

This lip scrub is self preserving and vegan! So it is perfect for using for a long while. I’ve been using it twice daily (in the morning and before bed) and I still have loads left!

Bottom Line:  The most tastiest lip scrub I have ever had – and it’s an unbelievable soft exfolaiter!

Price: £5.75 at Lush
(Sadly a Xmas exclusive, but I’ve linked their equally tasty standard ones)

Rating: *****

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