Selfie Ring Light – Improve Your Insta Worthy Shots!


This is a handy selfie light, which can also double us as a light for makeup application on the go!

So, for my flat lays and selfies I decided to buy a ‘Selfie Light’. This is a clip on LED light that has three different settings; Low, Medium, and Holy Moly It’s Like The Sun!

The third level of this light is insanely bright, so bright I rarely use it for my selfies but rather my makeup application or reading in bed – its clip on so very, very versatile! It can fit pretty much every phone due to this clip on ability – I use it clipped on to my smaller mirror on my vanity to turn it into a LED Mirror on the cheap.

This light achieves that halo eye effect, which makes your eyes pop in selfies as well as activating your glow. As you know I love my glow so anything to show it off I’m more than happy to use!

I bought this one from Amazon, but there are numerous models advertised and for sale -and they all seem to be the same one!

Bottom Line:  A handy light for improving lighting in dark spaces or for creating a DIY LED Makeup mirror!

Price: £5.50 at Amazon
(This is the one I got, as I use Prime and wanted the next day delivery!)

Rating: ****


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