SERENITY CANDLES – Medium 30cl Glass Jar – Christmas Spice – PR


Adds a touch of Christmas Magic to your house.

I was very lucky to receive this Christmas Spice candle from Serenity Candles NI for me to review for my followers – Please note I received this complimentary!

I was very eager to light this candle on Christmas eve to get me in the festive mood after working non-stop over the holidays. This candle is fragranced with a hint of spice, with the warmness and sweetness of chocolate orange underneath – it reminded me of the Christmas mornings surrounded with cinnamon sticks whilst I ate my body weight in chocolate….


This candle burnt for a very long time, lasting from morning to evening, and then during Christmas day, with approximately 26 hours of life. As the candle is soy based, it burnt cleanly, rather than ashing everything, which is common with standard high-street candles – including Yankee Candles, which have now stained my wall a charcoal grey…

Bottom Line: A luxurious, handmade and poured candle that can give Yankee Candle a run for their money!

Price: £8 at Serenity Candles NI.

Rating: ****

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